About Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka is the capital city and center of all political, cultural and economic activities of Bangladesh. The city has glorious past with twists and turns. Dhaka is now a mega metropolis with most of the modern facilities and a blend of past and contemporary art, culture and lifestyle. Situated on the bank of the Buriganga, the city has a diverse range of attractions to overwhelm and surprise a visitor.

The biggest museum in Bangladesh located in the suburb of Shahbag, Dhaka. Over 85,000 collections are displayed in various classified galleries to tell you about Bangladesh.

One of the most significant architectural palaces of Dhaka City. It is a beautiful two-storied palace on the bank of the Buriganga. The museum is managed by the National Museum.

One of the major tourist attractions at the outskirts of the city. This wonderful architectural monument represents the great sacrificing of heroes, who gave up their lives for the freedom of Bangladesh in 1971.

An architectural wonder in the world and a masterpiece of world-famous architect Louis Isidor Kahn. This iconic building is popular with tourists.

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